Over the past six years the retail market for gluten-free foods has grown dramatically. Supermarkets and other retail outlets now stock a wide range of “Free From” foods and the choice available is constantly growing. However for those with Coeliac disease, eating outside the home is still a big challenge. Although many food service chains are now including “free from gluten” menu options, many hotels, cafes and independent restaurants still lack knowledge and understanding about catering to the gluten free market.

Market analyst Mintel recently claimed that the UK free-from market could grow 13% to £531m in 2016 and climb to £673m by 2020.

According to the report, 33% of UK consumers ate or bought free-from products in the six months to September 2016, with 22% buying or eating gluten-free products, and 16% wheat-free.  Their report also suggested that price was the key area holding back further growth – 39% of those currently not eating free-from products said they were too expensive compared to standard food. Taste and quality were also important, with 22% of non-users saying free-from products did not taste as good and 20% saying the quality was not as high.

People with coeliac disease are the core gluten-free consumers, as the gluten-free diet is the only treatment for people with coeliac disease, however it is also true that there is a growing group of consumers making a lifestyle choice to avoid gluten.

Whether your customers have intolerance to wheat or gluten or have chosen to remove it from their diet, we are committed to providing them with products that equal – or exceed – their “normal” counterparts.

We produce products that are made without any gluten, in a 100% gluten free registered kitchen, and furthermore we test our products to ensure we meet the legal requirement for the use of the term “gluten free” (Click here for further information on the law surrounding the use of the term “gluten free” in food service).

Our products are supplied individually sealed to help you handle the risk of cross contamination, and we have no standard minimum order requirement.  Furthermore, our core products can all either be frozen or have a good shelf life, allowing for you to ensure there are always safe gluten free options available for your customers.

Gluten Free Wholesale Supply