Whether it is for a dinner party, a special occasion or simply to treat yourself, Annie’s Larder can provide you with bespoke hampers, or a range of fresh made cakes and other sweet delights.

Hampers include:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Christmas
  • Picnic

Standard Cakes include:

  • Lemon Sponge
  • Chocolate Sponge
  • Lemon Polenta Cake *
  • Clementine Cake  * (dairy free)
  • Carrot Cake  ** (dairy free)
  • Apple Cake
  • Rich Fruit Cake
  • Sticky Ginger Cake
  • Double Chocolate Brownies

Cupcake flavours include:

  • Sparkling Lemon – lemon sponge, lemon curd filling & citrus frosting
  • Double Chocolate – chocolate sponge, nuttella filling & chocolate frosting
  • Vanilla “99″ – vanilla sponge, vanilla frosting & chocolate flake
  • Very Berry – strawberry sponge, jam filling & berry frosting
  • Chocolate Orange – chocolate sponge with chocolate orange frosting

Other Treats available include:

  • Chocolate Torte
  • Tarte aux Fraise/Pomme/Citron *
  • Tiramisu
  • Cheesecakes
  • Treacle Tart

Bespoke Cakes

  • Simple birthday cakes
  • Children’s Character Cakes
  • Themed Celebration Cakes


As with all our own food, our cakes are 100% gluten and wheat free and produced in our gluten free facility.  Our cakes typically contain eggs. They are made with butter except for those noted “dairy free” but most are available dairy free unless stated otherwise. However, we can also supply vegan cakes – please contact us for details.  All cakes are made without gluten or wheat ingredients and produced and packaged in a gluten free environment.  Nuts are used on our premises – cakes marked * are made with ground almonds, and cakes marked ** contain chestnut flour.

Gluten Free Wholesale Supply