Annie’s Larder is an artisan bakery and patisserie.  It was established in 2012 by Annie, the Chef behind the successful gluten free underground restaurant “Annie’s Supperclub” which Annie ran from 2010 until 2016 in order be able to offer a safe, relaxing dining experience to coeliacs and others on a gluten free diet at a time when dining out options were still quite limited.

Already experienced in gluten free baking, having two autistic children on a gluten free diet, ironically and tragically, in 2006 “gluten free” became a bigger issue.  Annie’s Dad became very ill in a short space of time and (too late) was diagnosed as having Coeliac Disease – he’d had it for years without knowing. As a result he had developed T-Cell Lymphoma from the untreated Coeliac Disease and died just a few weeks after this was discovered (read the full story here). After his death both Annie and her brother were tested – her brother was found to have fully developed coeliac disease and in the following years both Annie and her youngest child developed symptoms.

The tragic circumstances surrounding her Father’s death left Annie with a drive to produce quality gluten free food that is not only safe for coeliac disease sufferers to eat but that is also better than the gluten foods that they used to eat.

Everything Annie bakes is full of passion and her reputation for producing great tasting artisan breads, cakes and patisserie has grown throughout Kent and London both in the Food Intolerance community and with those fortunate enough to eat anything.

As a chef Annie insists that everything they sell through Annie’s Larder is top quality.

 “I don’t want to produce good gluten free food” says Annie. “I want to produce excellent food, that just happens to be gluten free.  If I wouldn’t serve it in a restaurant, I won’t put my name on it!”

Coeliac Disease